Redirect Health has partnered with NewPathfor your medical expense coordination

Unanticipated medical expenses can be devastating for any family.

In the United States, medical expenses cause two thirds of personal bankruptcies. In these cases, 75% of individuals have insurance. To combat this, Redirect Health has re-imagined the healthcare journey. We design, broker and administer end-to-end group healthcare plans that help Americans make informed decisions on how to find the best solutions to their medical needs. Our data driven technology and experienced team navigates the uncertainties of the healthcare system, empowers primary care practitioners and eliminates unnecessary administrative costs, anytime and anywhere.

Average Family Premiums Top $22,000 in 2021

Annual family premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance rose 4% to average $22,221, according to the 2021 benchmark KFF Employer Health Benefits Survey. With Redirect Health and Newpath, families can expect to see on average a 40% savings on healthcare premiums. In addition to these savings, employees receive telemedicine and mental health programs with no out-of-pocket costs as employer demand for these services have risen over the last year.

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